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We have the necessary equipment for the implementation of a wide range of acoustic studies and measurements such as (sound meters, beat generators, spectrum analyzers, software, etc.). This section lists the basic equipment we have.   

  • NTi XL2 class 1 measuring system

  • Terrasonde Digital audio toolbox  (acoustic audio analyzer)

  • HQ noise, pulse, tone generator

  • Mackie onyx blackjack soundcard(used for room acoustics analysis)

  • Earthworks s30 (measuring mic)

  • NTI mini spl (measuring mic)

  • Rational acoustics RTA-420 x 2 (measuring mics)

  • Cesva SC160 type 2 analyzer

  • Mackie vlz402 mini audio mixer.

  • NTi Noise generator PRO

  • Texas instrument VS56 - Vibrometer

  • NTI class 1 calibrator

  • ANV TM02 Tapping machine

  • NTi generator Pro

  • Digital 3-axis accelerometer

  • Bresser Weather Station


  • AFMG Ease 4.1(Acoustics simulation software)

  • Siasoft Acoustics tools (Acoustics measurement software)

  • Rational acoustics Smaart 7.0 (RT Acoustics and audio measurements)

  • REW v5  (Acoustics and audio measurements)

  • AFMG Soundflow (sound insulation simulation software)


  • Insul et al


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