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Our company has a long experience in acoustic and electro-acoustic applications having worked out a large number of public and private projects in the last 11 years (indicative clients – municipalities of the country, universities and technical schools, conference centers, hotels, entertainment centers, restaurants, public bodies, laboratories etc.).  The company is staffed by experienced qualified engineers, accredited by the British Institute of Acoustics   and with the necessary building acoustic measurement certificates according to ISO ( airborne, impact, reverberation, etc.). We have an expanded scientific network with the aim of always making a qualitative contribution to the assigned project by undertaking a wide range of acoustic measurements (building, environmental, occupational noise exposure) in accordance with the requirements of international and Greek standards (BS, ISO, DIN, ΕΟΤ). We also undertake the study and construction of building sound insulation and acoustic/electroacoustic applications (sound insulation of buildings, noise from IT equipment, acoustic comfort, cleanliness, etc.). Our partners are characterized by kindness, flexibility, willingness to create excellent conditions for cooperation with small and large groups.


The services offered  is the study and implementation of the following applications:

  • Vibration and shock protection

  • Noise protection

  • Architectural Acoustics

  • Electroacoustic applications

  • Acoustic expertise



  ACOUSONE provides acoustic study services for spaces with increased acoustic requirements (recording studios, conference rooms, entertainment centers, etc.). Excellent technical training, many years of experience and the use of sophisticated software   achieve perfect acoustic simulation and prediction of acoustic parameters. The best economic and technical solutions are proposed using specialized materials


We undertake

  • Acoustic Design

  • Acoustic simulation

  • Photorealism of spaces

  • Supply of audio materials

  • Application implementation


Our company provides comprehensive solutions to noise problems. Excellent soundproofing products are offered (sound absorbers, sound traps, acoustic panels, silencers, etc.). 


We undertake

  • Sound insulation study

  • Simulation of sound insulation

  •  Supply of soundproofing products

  • Implementation of sound insulation


ACOUSONE offers acoustic and electroacoustic measurement services. Special equipment and software are used to measure acoustic problems in closed spaces (Standing waves, reflections, etc.). In addition, we undertake the measurement and adjustment of electro-acoustic systems in various places (studios, bars, clubs, etc.).

We undertake 

  • Measurement of acoustic behavior/comfort of closed spaces (RT60, RASTI, etc.)

  • Acoustic analysis of electroacoustic systems (frequency response, equalization, impulse response, etc.)

  • Parameterization of electroacoustic systems

  • Noise measurements (airborne, impact - ISO140, ISO717 etc.)

  • Measurements of environmental, industrial, work noise, etc.).

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