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Στόχος μας είναι να κάνουμε τον κόσμο μας λίγο πιο ήσυχο και την ψυχαγωγία ποιοτική

Meet the team

ACOUSONE was founded in 2012. Consisting of experienced acoustics/electroacoustics and electronics consultants, it has a rich network of scientific partners at an international level to solve specific acoustics/electroacoustics and noise control issues. The company's purpose is to provide services in matters of room acoustics, sound insulation and electroacoustics as well as conducting acoustic measurements and studies. During its years of operation, it has prepared a significant number of studies and constructions for various private companies, industrial units as well as public projects throughout Greece.

George Karpouzas. MSc, PgDip, AMIOA

Architectural acoustics and noise control engineer


cel: 6948.803710


Giorgos Karpouzas holds a university degree in audio-visual engineering (University of Salford UK) with specialization in acoustics, holds postgraduate degrees in acoustics and vibration engineering (Trinity College Dublin-IOA), applied acoustics (University of Derby, UK) and business administration ( Teesside University UK). He is a certified acoustic measurement engineer from the Institute of Acoustics in England (Southampton Solent University UK-IOA), member of IOA (Institution of Acoustics, UK) AES (Audio Engineering Society, USA), ELINA (Hellenic Institute of Acoustics), CMI (Chartered Management Institute) and official APP (Acoustical Performance Partnership) technician of the EAW company. He is actively involved in acoustic electroacoustics, having produced a large number of private and public projects. He works at IIEK Delta teaching acoustics and is a member of the Liquidpro company staffing the company's acoustic measurements and electroacoustics department. At ACOUSONE he is responsible for the study and supervision of acoustic applications and noise propagation control.


cell: 6976.508914


Nikos Karipidis

Noise control engineer

Nikos Karipidis is a Civil Engineer (APTH) with extensive experience in sound insulation and engineering applications. In his many years of practice as an engineer, he has developed and implemented in the field a large number of acoustic soundproofing applications. At the company he is an acoustics/noise propagation control researcher and supervising engineer.  

Evgenios Tsaridis

Electroacoustics/acoustics engineer

Evgenios Tsaridis is a music technology engineer graduate from the University of Salford UK with a specialization in electroacoustics. For the last 20 years he has been dealing with electro-acoustic (live sound, recording) and acoustic applications (acoustic design of halls, soundproof anti-vibration applications). He also has a long teaching experience as a music technology teacher at Delta University. At the company ACOUSONE he is a researcher of acoustic applications.

Dimitris Petridis

Electroacoustics/Electronics expert

petrides photo.jpg

Dimitris Petridis is an electronic engineer specializing in audio and playback devices. He is active in the space having implemented a multitude of electro-acoustic installations mainly in private entertainment businesses (Bar/club). He is a specialized repairer of complex electronic circuits. At the company ACOUSONE he is responsible for electro-acoustic installations and service.

Contact: web:

phone: +30 23130 33805, Cel: 6948803710

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